Joe Gurr

Welcome! Here is a little about me.

This website is made very simply, just HTML, CSS, and MathJaX (no other JS). While I could have used a static site generator or built something myself I decided I wanted this to be as simple as possible.


  1. 12-23 Pandera
  2. 11-23 Nix I
  3. 03-23 Monomorphisms in the Category of Fields
  4. 03-23 I finally started a masters
  5. 06-22 End of Line Characters
  6. 03-22 I built my own git (... with a lot of help)
  7. 03-22 Ordinal and Cardinal Numbers
  8. 03-22 ArzelĂ  Ascoli
  9. 01-22 Transfinite Induction
  10. 11-21 Introduction to Set Theory
  11. 10-21 Introduction to the p-adic Numbers
  12. 09-21 Volume of the Unit Hypersphere
  13. 01-21 Hello World

Warning! These posts are rough drafts, I'm just trying to get into the habit of regularly writing about something mathematical or technical. I often get partway through the process when I realise that others have already covered this content far better than I ever could. I am simply writing these for myself, maybe a few years younger. My apologies for any mistakes.

Here are some of my technology cheat sheets.